14 Mar 2023 Azure

5 Major Microsoft Azure Certifications

Microsoft Azure is a cloud-computing service by Microsoft that offers businesses and programmers a way to create and manage applications in the cloud. It is of high demand in the technological world, and it's no surprise that having a certification from them holds a lot of weight in the technological world. But with so many different types and levels of certification, which one should you go for? Here's a list of the five major certifications from Microsoft Azure, along with what each entails:

AZ-305 Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert

The AZ-305T00 Azure certification is mainly intended for IT professionals and software developers who have an understanding of cloud computing technologies. With this certification, you'll learn about the key components of Azure like computing, storage, networking, identity features and security services. You'll also explore how to design solutions based on business requirements, use Azure PowerShell automation scripts to deploy resources and configure security and networking features.

AZ-900 Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals

The AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals certification is a great certificate to start with, as it provides a general understanding of cloud concepts, services, and solutions. No prior knowledge is needed and it covers key concepts such as security, compliance, privacy, scalability, resilience, and more which will give you a strong introduction to the Microsoft Azure platform. It's an online exam with no prerequisites that can be taken at any time, yet in order to receive the certification a minimum score of 70% is needed.  Once certified, you will have confidence on deploying your own cloud solutions using Microsoft Azure providing you a whole new level of recognition in the industry!

AZ-104 Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrative Associate

The AZ-104 Azure Administrative Associate certification is the latest credentialing program from Microsoft Azure and is designed to meet the growing demand for cloud computing professionals globally. The certification training will provide you with the essential skills to assess and manage infrastructure, develop long-term strategies, and optimize existing solutions using the Azure platform. This associate-level certification for Azure involves intermediate-level skills. Although there are no specific prerequisites, it is advised to have at least six months of experience in Azure. This certification is a great way to gain a top-notch qualification that can put your knowledge in cloud computing on a level playing field with many other experienced specialists.

AZ-400 Microsoft Certified: Azure DevOps Engineer

AZ-400 is Microsoft’s certification path to acquire the technical abilities required to use core Azure services, tools, and software to develop, deploy, and maintain applications on the cloud. Professionals with the credentials become experts at automating various processes such as building, testing and deploying applications using a range of technologies such as Kubernetes Service, Application Insights and DevOps Tooling. The ability to manage and scale multiple projects efficiently makes skilled Azure-certified professionals worthwhile in the field of software development. To obtain this certification, you must already hold the Azure Administrative Associate or Azure Developer Associate certificate. Mastering this certification will open doors in many areas of cloud engineering and technology today and ensure one is ready for the demands of tomorrow.

AZ-500 Microsoft Certified: Azure Security 

The AZ-500, Azure Security Engineer Associate certification is one of the most sought-after skills in the world of cloud computing today. This certification demonstrates an advanced level of proficiency in the design and implementation of security features and technologies for Microsoft Azure-based Cloud environments, allowing professionals to tackle some of the most complex security challenges faced by organizations utilizing cloud technology. Because of this, Azure security engineers typically earn more money. There are no prerequisites for this course. But familiarity with networking, computing, and the cloud is advised. With the AZ-500, candidates prove their ability to understand wide range Azure related services and can build secure network infrastructure, as well as identity and access management that are essential to any cloud organization's success.

All in all, these are the best Azure certifications that will stay in demand for a longer period of time. If you’re just starting your cloud journey and want to ease into things, go for AZ-900 Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals. And if you want to be an expert at designing and implementing solutions on Azure, opt for AZ-305 Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert.