Course Outline

Management Development Program


12 Hours




In order to reduce attrition and to increase retention, this highly interactive workshop will introduce participants to management best practices. Participants will go through the recruitment process while learning practical tools that will help them find the best fit depending on the desired competencies. Participants will also be exposed to the best practices in terms of supervisory essentials; including communication skills, coaching & giving feedback, delegation skills, and employee motivation. The workshop will also allow participants to learn the importance of an efficient performance management system and the essential tools to enhance their time management skills.

Target Audience

This workshop will appeal to a wide range of audiences and is intended for Business professionals who are either at the managerial level or are interested in becoming Managers/team leaders.

Skills Gained

Upon completion of workshop participants will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of Behavioural Interviews to hire the “best fit”
  • Understand the importance of interpersonal communication skills to becoming a leader
  • Convey believability by ensuring the verbal, vocal, and visual elements of their communications deliver a consistent message
  • Learn how to give Constructive Feedback
  • Identify the differences between coaching and mentoring
  • Use a basic coaching model
  • Understand the delegation process
  • Carry Out the Delegation
  • Learn the key success for an effective appraisal
  • Learn how to Conduct and follow up on the Appraisal
  • Recognize the link between time management and productivity

Topics Covered

1.       Competency Based Recruitment & Interviewing

  • The Cost of Hiring
  • Elements to consider during the Interview: the What and How competencies
  • The Behavioural Interview

2.       Performance Appraisal

  • Managers’ Involvement
  • The Performance Appraisal Cycle
  •  What the Performance Appraisal is not about
  •  Employees’ and Organization’s Benefits

3.       Employees’ Motivation

  • Satisfaction Results
  • Some Motivation Theories

4.       Communication Skills

  • Cues to Believability
  • Perception
  • Listening and Questioning Skills

5.       Giving Feedback

  • Effects of Feedback
  • Focusing on Constructive Feedback
  • Natural Response to Feedback
  • Johari Window Model

6.       Coaching Skills

  • Fundamentals of Coaching
  • The GROW Model

7.       Delegation Skills

  • Why should we Delegate?
  • When to Delegate?
  • How to Delegate?
  • What to Delegate?

8.       Time Management Essentials

  • The Time Matrix
  • Do the Big Rocks first
  • The 4 Ds concept


  • Learning Concepts/Presentations
  • Group Activities and Discussions
  • Tips and Tools
  • Individual and Team Exercises
  • Role Plays/Case Studies
  • Educational Videos
  • Action Plan to ensure Application of the Learning

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