Course Outline

Project Cycle Management For NGOs Workshop


10 Hours




Project cycle management is a creative process involving the needs of the targeted beneficiaries and negotiation of decisions acceptable to key stakeholder groups. This workshop is developed to allow the workers in the humanitarian field to successfully develop and implement a project that suits the needs of the targeted community and can meet with the vision of both the donor and the organization itself.

Target Audience

This workshop is targeted at project and program managers in both non-governmental and governmental organizations working on the humanitarian field

Skills Gained

  • Assess stakeholders, situational, problem, objective and project
  • Plan for the project
  • Implement the project
  • Monitor and report the project
  • Evaluate the project

Topics Covered

1.      Assessment

  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Situational Analysis
  • Problem Analysis
  • Objective Analysis
  • Project impact

2.      Planning

  • Logical Framework Matrix
  • Work plans and timeline
  • Cost scheduling and budgeting

3.      Implementation

  • Implementation
  • Leading and managing
  • Organizing Work
  • Team building and managing

4.      Monitoring and reporting

  • Introduction to monitoring
  • Monitoring tools
  • Cost control and budget follow up
  • Report writing

5.      Evaluation

  • Introduction to Evaluation
  • Methods of evaluation
  • Issues of evaluation


  • Learning Concepts/Presentations
  • Group Activities and Discussions
  • Tips and Tools
  • Individual and Team Exercises
  • Role Plays/Case Studies
  • Educational Videos
  • Action Plan to ensure Application of the Learning