Course Outline

Advanced Selling from Process to Behavior


12 Hours




This course has been created to help participants master sales from two different aspects, the process and the behavior of selling. Participants will be able to use several tools and techniques that will lead to better sales. During the workshop, they will understand the basics of selling along with the buyer’s psychology, the will learn to apply a proven process while working on their interpersonal skills to reach their full potential. Upon completion of the workshop, participants will complete and action plan to ensure/monitor application of the learning.

Target Audience

This workshop will appeal to a wide range of audiences and is intended for Sales Professionals

Skills Gained

  • Identify sales models
  • Understand and apply the sales process
  • Communicate successfully and use body language
  • Understand and identify different behavioral styles
  • Use the right questions the right way
  • Handle objections and close deals
  • Understand the basics of negotiation

Topics Covered

1. Introduction to The War of Selling

2. The Sales Process

3. Sales Communication

4. Questioning and Selling Skills

5. Handling Objections and Closing the Deal

6. Negotiation Basics


  • Learning Concepts/ Presentations
  • Role Plays and case studies
  • Group activities and Discussions
  • Individual and Team Exercises
  • Tips and tools
  • Educational videos
  • Draft an Individual Action Plan