Course Outline

Live Chat Customer Care


6 Hours




Professionalism over live chat is just as important as it is when you are talking to customers in person or over the phone

There are techniques you should be using to ensure that the live chat messages that you are sending fit the professional image you want to present

This workshop is rich with tips, tools and techniques of live chatting to help cultivate your company’s professional chat abilities.

Target Audience

This workshop is intended for customer service and live chat representatives.

Skills Gained

Upon completion of workshop participants will be able to:

  • Solve problems as they come
  • Prioritize customer care
  • Adopt a customer service attitude
  • Probe for relevant issues
  • Carry out themselves professionally
  • Write strategically and contextually

Topics Covered

  1. Customer Service Basics
  2. Problem Solving 101
  3. Prioritizing First Contact Resolution
  4. Using Positive Language
  5. Keys to Brevity
  6. Product Knowledge
  7. Formal Vs Informal
  8. What to Avoid
  9. Best Practices
  10. Staying on Topic
  11. How to Collect Relevant Information
  12. The Benefits of Scripting
  13. Fundamentals of Strategic Writing


  • Learning Concepts/Presentations
  • Group Activities and Discussions
  • Tips and Tools
  • Individual and Team Exercises
  • Role Plays/Case Studies
  • Educational Videos
  • Action Plan to ensure Application of the Learning