Course Outline

The Perfect Event Planner – Level 2


12 Hours




This workshop is a follow on to The Perfect Event Planner – Level 1.

In this workshop, we will tackle in depth different key element in planning events whether they were social, corporate or even for NGO purposes.

This workshop will be held at a hotel to live the real experience where you will get to work with real items as if it is the real day.

Target Audience

This workshop will appeal to a wide range of audiences involved in the planning or management of events, exhibitions and conferences as well as managers and officers of public relations – who in fact are more hands-on and present on the day.

Skills Gained

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Learn what to judge in a food tasting

  • Put together a corporate set up and a wedding set up (Table setting)

  • Understand more the real usage of Sound and Lighting adds on and accessories

  • Examine a venue and what to consider

  • Learn what to judge in a food tasting

  • Create an expense report and budgeting

Topics Covered

  1. Menu and Its Hidden Areas

    • Get to Visit the Kitchens to See How the Food Is Being Prepared

    • Get to Check Different Menus

    • Build Your Own Menu as Per the Event You Are Planning

    • Try Different Food Combination

  2. Table Set-Up for Different Types of Events

    • Choose Your Adequate Table Size, Chairs, Linen and Cutleries

    • Dress Your Table as Per Swiss And International Standards

    • Check Different Centrepieces Options and What Suits Best Your Event

  3. Sound and Lighting Adds on And Accessories

    • Check the Control Room

    • Learn More About the LED Systems

    • Get to Understand the Real Aim Behind Using Certain Elements

    • How to Evaluate Security

  4. Venue Check and Management

    • How to Conduct A Walk Through at A Hotel or Venue?

    •  What Are the Main Factors to Look At?

    • Check the Valet Parking Area and Evaluate

    • Service Doors and Security Aspects

  5. Expense Report and Budgeting

    • Start Budgeting for A Real-Life Example

    • Check Various Ways of Putting Together Some Figures

    • How to Highlight Key Indicators?


  • Learning Concepts/Presentations

  • Group Activities and Discussions

  • Tips and Tools

  • Individual and Team Exercises

  • Role Plays/Case Studies

  • Educational Videos

  • Action Plan to ensure Application of the Learning