Course Outline

Building a Stronger Youth


20 Hours




Youth is the time when one is young, developing, and getting ready to face the life ahead. For that the Building a Stronger Youth program prepares the younger generation.

The goal of the workshop is to introduce participants to the fundamentals of creating a presentation. Participants will discuss the components of a good speech or presentation and will eventually develop their own. As they work through the activities, they will write presentations in class.

Participants will understand the different methods of communication and how to make the most of each of them, by also learning more about themselves and how they behave, through emotional intelligence, and how to communicate better with body language and in an assertive way.

They will also be able to know how to manage their time efficiently and use it effectively while planning and executing.

Target Audience

This workshop will appeal to a wide range of youth

Skills Gained

  • Make effective presentations
  • Prepare themselves for presentations
  • Understand the importance of communication
  • Sound more persuasive and effective while communicating
  • Become assertive when addressing issues
  • Communicate with body language
  • Know their time wasters
  • Manage their time properly
  • Understand themselves and others better

Topics Covered

1.       Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

  • Introduction to Presentations and Public Speaking
  • Developing and Preparing your Presentation
  • Rehearsal Techniques
  • Motivating Yourself
  • Gearing Up
  • Delivering your Presentation

2.       Persuasive Communication

  • Introduction to Communication
  • The Communication Barriers
  • It’s not What You Say
  • Positive Connotations
  • Listening Better
  • Effective Questioning

3.       Self Confidence and Assertiveness

  • Building Up Your Confidence
  • Breaking the Shy Barriers
  • How to Become Assertive While Speaking
  • Avoiding Passiveness
  • Avoiding Aggressiveness

4.       Body Language

  • Communicating Without Speaking
  • Body Language Mistakes
  • Improving Your Body Language
  • Facial Expressions

5.       Time Management and Setting Long Term Life Goals

  • Set Your Goals Straight
  • Schedules Make It Easier
  • What’s Important to You
  • What’s Urgent to You
  • Prioritizing Your Time
  • Less Procrastination
  • Organizing Your Space

6.       Emotional Intelligence

  • What is Emotional Intelligence
  • What Angers You, Controls You
  • Building Your Emotional Intelligence
  • Knowing Yourself
  • Managing Yourself
  • Understanding Others
  • Dealing with Others

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  • Group Activities and Discussions
  • Tips and Tools
  • Individual and Team Exercises
  • Role Plays/Case Studies
  • Educational Videos
  • Action Plan to ensure Application of the Learning